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Zigmund Adamski
Person information
Date of birth


Date of death


UFOs sighted

none seen

Aliens sighted


Relevance to aliens

alleged to have been murdered by aliens


cause of death unknown

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Zigmund Adamski was a 56 year-old miner found dead on top of a coal-heap on 11 June 1980 in Todmorden, Yorkshire, England. He had been missing for five days, after last been seen going to the shops. Adamski's death, from a heart-attack, has been alleged to have been caused by aliens who left mysterious ointment on burns on his neck and shoulders. It is speculated that he may have been accidentally burnt by their craft, and that the occupants therefore tried to treat his burns. Although all his clothes were in good condition, Adamski's shirt had been removed. The origin of the ointment could not be explained by forensic scientists. An open verdict of death was returned by the Coroner. [1]


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