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Alien information
First sighted
  • 1988, South Carolina [1], although reptilian sapients have appeared in ancient mythology
Last sighted

Sightings still occur frequently


Reptilian humanoids of various sizes

Alleged to originate from

Earth (distant past), Alpha Draconis


Rumored to live underground on Earth[2]

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Reptoids are a race of sapient beings. Their name is a portmanteau of "Reptilian Humanoid". They are also called Dinosauroids, Lizardfolk, Lizardmen, Draconians, Saurians and Sauroids[3] Native Americans from South Carolina have claimed that the race of Lizardmen were called Inzignanin.[1]

Reptoids have not been proven to exist, though they have appeared in various sources. Reptoids have appeared in mythology, science fiction, and conspiracy theories.[3] Various sources claim that the Reptoids live close to water and/or underground, and some have gone as far as saying that the Reptoids secretly run the world.[2]

Appearance Edit

Reptoids are tall, reptilian humanoids, often described as tailless[4] and having green or gold skin.[3] Reptoids have been said to be 5 to 9 feet in height. They have three fingers and an opposable thumb, and three toes with a hind claw. Reptoids have also been reported as having tails. Other types of Reptoids, those called Dracos or Draconians, have been reported as standing up to 12 feet tall, having wings, and having horns.[4]

Some have even claimed that Reptoids and Greys can breed, creating a crossbeed called the Reptilian-Grey crossbreed.[4]

Sightings from South Carolina have reported that the Reptoids are hostile and when they attack, have red glowing eyes and sharp black claws which they use as weapons. Other descriptions from South Carolina say the Reptoids have scaly green skin, the face of a human crossed with a snake, three fingers on each hand and are approximately 7 to 8 feet tall.[1]

Some have claimed that Reptoids are shapeshifters.[2] It is claimed that using this ability Reptoids shape shift in to Humans and that most rulers of the Earth are Reptoids in disguise planning to secretly rule Earth.

Close encounters Edit

During one close encounter a lizard like humanoid attacked a young mans car and madly clawed at his car . In another close encounter in 2004 another lizard like humanoid tried to pull a young girl into a river.

In society and culture Edit

Reptoids were part of Central American culture, and were considered gods.[5] Statues of Reptoids, possible Reptoid hybrids, and Reptoid gods have been created.[6] The Devil could have been some sort of large horned Reptoid.

Notes and references Edit

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