Oakland incident
Incident information

November 20, 1896


Oakland, California


One airship

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The mysterious Oakland incident was a sighting of a large "mystery airship" that was seen in Oakland, California, in 1896. [1]


The incident was not only in Oakland, but across the United States, as a mystery airship loomed over the city in November 1896.[1] The sketch later made of the mystery airship shows that the airship included bright lights, propellors, and immense speed, all of which was either just invented or had not yet been.[1] In some cases, the airship left a trail of smoke.[2] The ship later left Oakland.[1]

The origin of the ship was of much talk, as people began to speak of "mysterious inventors" and such.[1] Others believed the ship was of alien origin, as nothing of the type had been invented at the time.[1]


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