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The study of alien phenomena is known as xenology, a branch of study in ufology. Xenology is of interest to ufologists and alien hunters, due to numerous Close Encounter reports that have gone on record, since the 19th century. Information about alien appearance and intelligence has been gathered from sightings, abduction cases and alleged contact.


It is an established fact, in all sense of legal terminology, that since the early 1950s, unethical human experimentation in the United States and in the Soviet Union/Russia,[1] were being conducted at black sites. One known location was the Edgewood Arsenal human experiments at Aberdeen Proving Ground (See also Project Penguin). These secret Cold War experiments included testing of various drugs such as Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a hallucinogenic drug that antagonizes psychological phenomena (See psychosomatic medicine). They were heavily used in Project MKUltra.

Were there human volunteers for these secret programs?

Enter alien abduction cases. An alien abduction case is often classified as a Close Encounter of the fourth kind. Alien abduction claims are described as "subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one's will by apparently nonhuman entities and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures".[2] Subjects may suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder.

The alien abduction phenomena can be hypothesized by the following probabilities, in perhaps this most likely order:

  • Probability a: World governments engaged in human experimentation, used psychosomatic drugs which induced visions upon the victim's mind; so as to appear that they are going to other Worlds, and making contact with aliens.
  • Probability b: Government agents dressed up as aliens, created environments for the victim to appear as if subjected to an alien abduction, while inducing psychosomatic drugs for a pure alien effect (All this effort to blame aliens, rather than the government for secret experimentation).
  • Probability c: Use of psychosomatic drugs pushed the victim into an out-of-body experience in which they temporarily accessed inter-dimensional Worlds, and/or making contact with aliens.
  • Probability d: Victims were actually abducted by real aliens for alien examination.
  • Probability f: Both World governments and aliens are working together at black sites, abducting victims in accordance with contracts like 1954 USA contract.

Alien appearanceEdit

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Is psychosomatic drugs to blame for all alien sightings? In a 1995 study, alien abduction cases of Gray beings, reported 75% in the United States, 2% in Continental Europe, 12% in Great Britain,[3] and the remaining percentage as other. Do all psychosomatic drugs produce the same visual effects in all human genome types across the World? Likely not.


Interestingly, Gray beings are the most common entities reported. Though appearances may vary, there are many consistent features: The reported average height is 3-5 ft, with frail looking bodies, and disproportionate large craniums. Eyes are big and slanted; mostley jet black with some absence of the pupil, or have slit pupils as reptiles do.

What are aliens?Edit

The dictionanary defines the word 'alien' into three meanings:

  1. A being from another planet
  2. A stranger
  3. A foreigner

Ironically, a being from another planet would fit the description of the second and third meanings.

Closely linked with extraterrestrials are ultradimensionals, and some theories that extraterrestrials are actually ultradimensional creatures travelling to our dimension. (Although, ultradimensionalism could also be attributed to a wide variety of phenomenon, such as ghosts, shadow people, dopplegangers etc...)

Alien IntelligenceEdit

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Some aliens may be intelligent, but that does not mean they can develop advanced ways to communicate with us (e.g. telepathy).

Dolphins and whales have beautiful brains, showing an impressively convoluted cortex, the brain's top layer and most advanced component. And in the case of the bottle-noses dolphin the brain in 25 percent more massive than our own, though the body weight which the brain must control is greater. Dissected from its skull, the dolphin brain looks more advanced than a human brain, yet we have been unable to communicate with that brain at any higher level than we are able to communicate with an intelligent dog. We may imagine there is more intelligence in the dolphin than in any dog, but we are barred from any meaningful communication by the different nature of its brain and sensory system. We do not have this problem with the chimp and more progress has been made. But the researchers are dealing with a lower order of capacity than that possessed by us, and chimps are never going to share our understanding of the Universe. We can only communicate at a simple level and this is generally with rewards of food.

It is a sad fact that the two most intelligent animals on the planet, after humans, have to be given food to persuade them to interact with us: in artificial set-ups, chimps and dolphins co-operate with us in order to eat. Though they are intelligent mammals and we are intelligent mammals, all of the same evolutionary group, we have not learnt anything about their inner thoughts and they can know nothing of ours.

Whether or not in the future we will be able to improve our relations with the brightest of our fellow mammals remains to be seen. The point is that this situation puts communications with ETs into perspective. The gaps between ourselves and other intelligent mammals may be small compared to those which could exist between ourselves and any ETs, whether they might be broadcasting across the light-years or here studying us from flying saucers. We have to allow for the nature of evolution and the great periods of time involved in its processes, which may mean that our nearest ETs could be millions of years ahead of us and less able to communicate with us than we are with a chimp or dolphin.

Extraterrestrial lifeEdit

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As mentioned there is no actual confirmation that aliens exist, however the theory speaks for itself due to the infinite universe and the fact of a Habitable zone in planetary solar systems which may result in planets just like Earth. The weak technologies of spacetravel make it impossible to travel outside of the solar system meaning we can't explore the universe to find alien life ourselves. We can only test this theory if satellites, telescopes, and probes can discover habitable worlds just like Earth, but what you have to remember is that different life may need different habitable requirements to live, as they evolve by enviroment. Meaning we cannot deny or fully confirm alien life exists.


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