The Ilkley Moor encounter
Incident information





Yes (silver orb)

Aliens sighted



Not proven fake

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The Ilkley moor encounter was a unique and mysterious alien encounter which occured on Ilkley Moor, yorkshire England, on december 1 1987.[1] The witness of the event was the english policemen Alan Godfrey. The event involved Alan Godfrey witnessing a 4'6ft green humanoid walking down on the hills below, he took a picture of the alien, and when he attempted to approach it, it escaped instantly behind a rock formation into a silver round spacecraft, the result of the magnetic pulse of the ship drove Godfrey's compass wild. Before he could do anything else the craft took off into space, never to be seen again, with only the photograph for evidence. After the event, experts from Kodak claim that the picture confirmed that it was not trick photography, and in no way could have been faked.[2] 21 years on, Alan Godfrey is still alive, and does not doubt his claim of what he allegedly seen.[3]


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