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Hill abduction
Incident information



New England


Silver disc with red lights

Aliens sighted

Several Greys

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The Hill abduction, also known as the Zeta Reticuli Incident, occured in New England in 1961. The two victims of this alien abduction were Barney and Betty Hill who were allegedly captured in the countryside after seeing a UFO whilst they were driving. They were supposedly taken aboard an alien spaceship where they were Examined by several small humanoid beings which resembled Greys[1], and their memory was blanked by the aliens. Only for Betty to recall the events in a series of disturbing dreams and hypnosis allowed her to recall what happened.[2] Other pieces of evidence includes the fact that, after hypnosis, Betty drew a star map she saw in the spaceship, and that the stars were discovered eight years later, as a star system called Zeta Reticuli, though sceptics to this finding point out that you can look at any diagram of some stars and relate them to any star in the universe, as if you were identifying a pattern of crumbs in a glass of water. Way.[3]

Abduction Edit

The hills described a UFO landing in front of there car they were then taken in to the craft by some Greys .They descriped being taken in to different rooms aboard the craft and given medical exams by the aliens.They descriped the aliens taking skin,hair and nail samples from them during the exam. They were then released and were told not to discuss any details about the abduction.


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