An artist's conception of the Goldilocks conditions.
-Liquid water
-Not too cold or hot

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Goldilocks conditions refer to the 'too hot, too cold, just right' theme of the original story; that being the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Earth is in a 'Habitable zone', and can also be referred to as having Goldilocks conditions. An example to compare Earth to exists in our very solar system: Venus is too close to the sun for life to survive, as there is little to no water. Mars is too far away from the sun for life to survive, as it is far too cold and what little water there is has been frozen at the poles of the planet.

Earth however sits in the 'just right' area; not to hot for water to evaporate and flora to burn up, and not to cold for what water there is to freeze and flora to die off (at least outside of winter).

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