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Planet or moon information

Galileo and Marius, January 7, 1610


1,560.8 km

Orbital period

Synchronus with Jupiter


365 million miles[1]

Revolves around


Alien relevance

Has oceans that may support life[2]

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"Europa is the most exciting place for the study of life."
—Rich Terrile, NASA Jet Propulsion Labratory(Astronomy, January 2008)

Europa is a moon of Jupiter that, according to recent photos taken by the Galileo probe, has liquid water oceans underneath the frozen ice that makes up its surface.[2] The oceans are roughly the same area that Earth's oceans are, and the oceans are 60 miles deep, which may be large enough for submarine volcanoes.[2] Because of the abundant oceans on the moon, this may mean that it supports life. However, we'll have to wait for a probe to drill through the ice and see.[2]


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