Cussac UFO
Cussac incident
Incident information

August 29, 1967[1]


Cussac, France[1]



Aliens sighted



Seen by children[1]

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The Cussac incident, also known as the Close encounter of Cussac, was a widely-publicized incident in which four aliens and a UFO were seen by two children, 13-year old François and 9-year old Anne-Marie in 1967.[1]

They initially saw four aliens but eventually found a glowing sphere, two meters in diameter. One of the aliens was bending over, and another of the four aliens was holding a strange alien mirror object. The glowing UFO was described as having a soft, whistling sound and smelling of sulfur.[2]

The encounter left both of the children shocked.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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