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Crop circles
Incident information

Several hundred individual incidents, mostly from 1980s onwards


Around the world


Sometimes reported in the same area

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Crop circles are an alleged alien-related phenomenon that appear in fields around the world. A crop circle is basically a mysterious shape, typically a circle, flattened in a field which is supposedly where a UFO has landed and taken off. Often, they are alleged to be the result of UFOs, but many crop circles are the results of hoaxers.



Possibly the most common theory that crop circles are 'alien calling cards,' people who believe this say that crop circles are either imprints from an alien spacecraft or messages from aliens brought for us earthlings.


The most scientific answer, somebelieve that crop circles are created by currents in the wind called vortices. The wind is forced to the ground and flattens the crops.


A few people believe that crop circles are created by the down draft of airplanes or helicopters, however this has not yet been proved.

Earth EnergyEdit

Some believe that the energy from the earth creates the crop circles, one possible form of energy that could cause this is electromagnetic radiation, in fact, scientists have measured magnetic fields inside the crop circles and some visitors have reported a tingling feeling when standing inside them.


People can hoax crop circles by simply going into a field and flattening plants themselves, usually with a wooden plank or similar instrument.


puede engaño círculos de las cosechas, simplemente entrar en un campo y aplanar las propias plantas, por lo general con un tablón o similar instrumento de madera. Hoax crop circles can easily be spotted by the flattened track of somebody entering the field, damaged plants, and a often simple and small shape. Hoax círculos de cultivo puede ser fácilmente detectado por la pista plana de alguien entrar en el campo, las plantas dañadas, y una forma a menudo simples y pequeñas. Governnhjbdshvs

and police may often deliberately intend that crop circles are hoaxes, in effort to cover up alien evidence.[1]

Los gobiernos y la policía puede a menudo deliberadamente la intención de que los círculos de cosecha son bromas, en un esfuerzo por encubrir la evidencia extraterrestre.Edit

What crop circles are real? Edit

Genuine crop circles tend to be in a shape that people cannot forge themselves, such as a very complicated shape, and the plants flattened will tend to be all flattened perfectly, and not simply crushed by another person. There is no evidence of where people have entered the field to crush the plants, either.

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