Betty andreasson abduction
Incident information

25th january 1967


south ashburnham



Aliens sighted

5 aliens whith pear shaped heads

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The Betty Andreasson abduction was when Betty andreasson along whith her children and her father were abducted by aliens.After the abduction Betty sat 2 lie detector tests which indicated she was telling the truth.

Abduction Edit

Betty Andreasson and her children were in their home with her father. Suddenely her father spotted an unusual bright light outside the window. He also saw 5 aliens with pear shaped heads heading towards the house quickly before he could react the aliens walked right through the door. One of the aliens went to Betty's father while the other 4 made telapathic contact with Betty. The aliens released Betty's daughter to reassure betty her children would not be harmed. The aliens led Betty and her family in to their UFO which was in the back yard. The craft then joined to a mother craft. The aliens gave her a bizzare test. After her test the aliens released Betty and her family one of the aliens stayed behind for some time then left.

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