We are never quite sure if aliens exist or not, and some believe they do and some believe they


A humanoid alien. Chances are that, unlike popular culture might have us believe, very few species of alien life will be humanoid.

Alien intelligences will probably exist in many shapes and sizes, from Human form even to plant-like species. Chances are, though, that few will be humanoid, unlike those that are most commonly reported. Of course, it is possible. Some alien life could even just be like life on earth, but on a different planet.

Aliens would evolve because of the environment around them. Because we have no idea what the environments on extrasolar planets are like, we can only speculate as to what way various species will have evolved. This has led some to speculate that many species will have evolved similar appearances to Terran life. However, others say that the various possible environments on life-friendly alien planets will have resulted in a wider variety of forms than previously imagined.

Reported alien formsEdit

Many authors have tried to come up with a classification for various alleged extraterrestrial species. The following classification is a modified version based on ones found in different works of non-fiction.

Note that these categories can often overlap. For example, Sasquatch is an animalian species with a humanoid gait.

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