The Alien Research IRC channel was setup on the 16th of January 2008, it is free to the general public, however any users that have been banned from the project will be banned from the channel if they are identified.

The IRC Channel was put down as this project slowly died. We are trying to get it back up and running, so visit it when you can!

How to Find Our ChannelEdit

  1. Go to Wikia IRC
  2. Click on #alienresearch in the dropdown menu.
  3. Type in the name that you use on Wikia. (AKA-- I'd sign Smahksilae.)

How to Find Our Channel From Other IRCsEdit

  1. Please go to IRC@Work or Mibbit
  2. Type in your Wikia name
  3. Type in server as
  4. Type in channel as #AlienResearch (channel names are case sensitive)

IRC Channel RulesEdit

  1. Keep it civil.
  2. You can discuss anything you want.
  3. Don't type in nonsense and spam.
  4. NO Questionable entries.

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