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Grey alien
Alien information
First sighted

Some sightings in Duval County, Texas are reported in 1945. Possibly 1947, alleged by some to be as far back as Ancient Egypt[1]

Last sighted

Sightings still occur frequently

Place most commonly sighted

North America


1.2m tall Humanoid; hairless grey head with large, bulging eyes

Alleged to originate from

Zeta Reticuli, Orion, Earth (distant past)


Most common alien representation in current media

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In ufology, Alien Greys, also known as Greys, Roswell aliens, Zetas, and Reticulians, are alleged extraterrestrial life forms that appear in modern UFO conspiracy theories and other UFO-related paranormal phenomena. Said to be one of several species of aliens, Greys make up approximately 75 percent of all aliens reported in the United States, 2 percent of all aliens reported in Continental Europe, and 12 percent of all aliens reported in Great Britain.[2] In American popular culture they have replaced little green men as the most typical extraterrestrial life form. Sometimes, in sci-fi and cartoons, Greys have been shown as stereotypical aliens.Grey aliens are a extremely violent type of alien, in some cases, often reacting to fear or hostility with equal display of ill intention.


The Greys are humanoids. They are usually reported to be about 1.2 metres (4 feet) high. They have large, black eyes on a large, bald head. They have no ears, and a small nose and mouth. They have slender bodies and thin limbs. However, Greys have been reported to be of various sizes, ranging from 1 metre (just over 3 feet) to 2.1 metres (7 feet) in height. The eyes of an alien may resemble that of a repitile's, with vertical pupils. The blackness that abductees describe the eyes as being may be, as Linda Howw and Budd Hopkins theorise, a lense which may help the aliens cope with Earth's light.

Some have noted that many of the Greys' features are similar to those of dolphins, and have proposed a cetacean origin for the Greys,[3] however, they are also considered by many to resemble the reptilian and insectoid beings that also feature in abduction reports. This may be due to their aptitude at splicing differently speciated genome structures.

In some witness accounts, Greys seem to be able to speed up or slow down their particulate, atomic, and EM field structures, leading to such accounts as the beings walking through walls, or seeming to appear and disappear at random. It is sometimes speculated that they are silicone based rather than carbon based life forms.


The grey aliens seem to follow some sort of hierarchy. At the top are the taller Greys. These beings are who usually makes conversation (telepathically or with hand gestures) with the abductee.

The smaller Greys seem to be like the worker class. They perform the medical surgery, and the transporting of Humans and materials.

Then we have what appears to be the result of these abductions, a mixture species of Grey and Human. These beings interact in the ship with children, or adults. On occasion they have been reported to be walking amongst Humans, and even more rarely, leading a person to an abduction.

It is likely that they have been involved in the happenings on this planet for all of recorded history. A counterintuitive approach to the etymology would be comparing three words describing a race of watcher, guardian, or destructor. The Mesopotamian 'Igigi', the Latin 'Grigori', and the American English 'Grey'

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