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Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas
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One egg-shaped craft

Aliens sighted

Multiple near-Humans

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The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas was an alleged alien abduction incident which is famous for being one of the first ever reports of an abduction in history. The victim of the abduction was called Antonio Villas Boas who at the time was a 23 year old Brazilian farmer.[1]

The abductionEdit

The incident allegedly occured at around 10pm on October 15, 1957 and began when Antonio spotted an extremely bright light not far above him, he set out to investigate and it trailed him to the end of his field only to dissapear for the rest of the night. The following night the light appeared again, and when he set out to find out what it was an egg-shaped craft landed next to him. As he tried to escape he was grabbed by several small figures and hauled inside the object.[1]

Antonio described the aliens as being in very tight, thick, gray suits with helmets on and the only physical feature about them that wasn't covered was their eyes, the creatures supposedly spoke a language of impossible sounds.

The creatures undressed Antonio and covered him in a clear gel like fluid, and without hurting him took samples of blood from his chin. The most unusual part of this case is, that the aliens introduced him to a naked Human-like woman with red-blood like hair, and made him have sex with her. Making it possibly the one of strangest alien encounters of time. The woman then left, the aliens returned Antonio's clothes, and gave him a tour of inside of their craft, which he described as very "metallic". The aliens then let him exit the ship, and it dissapeared as a light into the sky, not to been seen again, Antonio Villas boas went on to continue his life and died in 1992.[1]


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